Jordan S Keller


Jordan has over 20 years of legal experience working and negotiating with many of the top companies in the entertainment and digital media industries and a deep commitment to providing the highest level of service to every client he works with. Jordan co-founded the Firm in order to offer the experience he gained during his years of mentorship in a larger firm environment with personal and customized attention to meet the unique legal needs of his clients.

He serves both a national and international client base, including entertainment and media companies; music industry record labels, distributors and publishers; motion picture and television producers, distributors, writers, directors and actors; playwrights, composers and other artists.

Because his late father, Jack Keller, was a songwriter, Jordan has always been in touch with the needs and desires of entertainers, songwriters and producers and has marshaled his firm’s resources to attend to these needs. The Firm attempts to be accessible to its clients where most attorneys in today’s day and age are not. In order to provide effective and affordable legal services to composers, authors, publishers, producers and artists, Jordan is willing to challenge the mega music corporations, if necessary.

Jordan’s legal expertise and understanding of his clients’ businesses and objectives in this digital age enables him to give practical advice for prudent decision making. His established history and reputation in the entertainment and media industry allows his experienced team of attorneys to add knowledge, depth and insight for every client, case and transaction. He has over a decade of industry-insider experience and long-standing, high level relationships in the advertising and entertainment industries, which allow him access to resources in those communities that are critical to his clients’ success.

University of Tennessee College of Law J.D., LAW 1992 – 1995
University of Miami B.S., Music Industry 1988 – 1992