Estate Planning

We assist clients in developing an effective plan for the orderly, cost-efficient transfer of wealth, while balancing the plan with estate and gift tax planning that is appropriate for each family’s particular set of circumstances.

We provide estate planning for high-net worth individuals, including entertainers, professional athletes, small business owners, executives, and physicians. Our attorneys strive to deliver expert estate and business succession planning in an increasingly complex legal environment.

Our areas of representation include:

In addition, we also assist our clients and their families with legal needs arising at death, including probating wills and administering decedent’s estates, administering lifetime and testamentary trusts, winding up affairs of trusts upon their termination, transferring assets, and preparing federal estate and state inheritance tax returns.

As part of our services of advising clients with respect to lifetime business matters, we include planning for the management of property interests at such time as the owner no longer wishes, or is able, to handle his or her own affairs. Planning for lifetime management of affairs also addresses health care decision-making. In this area, we discuss advance directives such as living will declarations, health care powers of attorney, and advanced funeral directives.

Other Practice Areas: